Competitive Coaching Staff

The RPB Strikers program provides top level coaching and training by our highly qualified US Soccer licensed coaches.  Each member of our experienced coaching staff possesses a US Soccer coaching license.  This not only shows our commitment to coaching education but also to player development.

We are very excited to announce our 2022-2023 coaching staff.  We welcome our new coaches and say thank you to some coaches leaving us.

Mal Hasan Diego Capella Dexter Skeene

Dave Coursen

Mal Hasan

Diego Cappella

Dexter Skeene

Dave Coursen

Jason Serpenti

Marcos Bengolea Steve Donadio

Jason Serpenti

John Solek

Carmine Affortunato

Steve Donadio

Juliet Waller Matt Quinn

Luke Schartner

Juliet Waller Chris Carrera

Matt Quinn

Julio Martinez Jake Wascison

Skyler Zarini

Julio Martinez Dennis Lue Yat Jake Wascisin

Alex Castillo

Julio Martinez Taylor Camp Gabby Rodríguez

Vincent Castillo

Jose Tirado Taylor Camp Gabby Rodríguez


Coaches and team assignments for the 2022-2023 season


  •     Dexter Skeene: U8/U9B Academy (2014/2015)
  •     Luke Schartner: U10B (2013)
  •     Dave Coursen / Steve Donadio: U11B (2012) - Black
  •     Jose Tirado: U11B (2012) - White
  •     Diego Cappella / Eduardo Pantoja: U12B (2011) - Black
  •     Julio Martinez: U12B (2011) - White
  •     Carmine Affortunato / Vincent Castillo: U13B (2010) 
  •     Jake Wascisin: U15B / Dennis Lu Yat (2008/2009)
  •     Dexter Skeene: U16B (2007)
  •     Mal Hasan: U17B (2006)
  •     TBD: U18B (2005) 
  •     Skyler Zarini / Chris Carrera: U19B (2004/2005)



  •     Matt Quinn: U10G (2014/2013)
  •     John Solek / Veronica Solek: U11G (2012)
  •     Gabby Rodriguez: U12G (2011)
  •     Jason Serpenti / Gabby Rodriguez: U13G (2010)
  •     Juliet Waller / Taylor Camp: U15G (2008/2009)
  •     John Solek: HS Girls (2007/2006/2005)


  •     Gabby Rodriguez (Recreation)

  •     John Solek (Competitive)

Coaching assignments are based on expectations and the estimated number of players coming in for specific age groups.  The number of players actually selected will determine the number of teams in the age group and the qualified coaching assignment.

RPB Strikers is a CLUB BASED program.  Players sign with the club; not a specific coach or team.  Players and coaches can be moved from group to group throughout the club.  These decisions & evaluations are made by the Director of Coaching and will be based on the coach's strengths and experience and on the individual player’s level of play, commitment, attitude and more. This system is put into place to create a positive but competitive environment for the players.

Teams will be open to accept additional players throughout the season.