Chris Carrera

Competitive Coaching Staff

I am originally from New Jersey and then moved to Ecuador when I was 7 years old where my passion for soccer started. I played for my school team from Middle school all they way through my senior year of High School..

Once I was done with High school I moved to Florida and registered for college where I played only for one year due to a knee injury. 

While in college I couldn't stay away from soccer so I coached for the recreational program in Palm Springs for 10 years.  

During my time coaching I was recruited to become a referee and for the past 20 years I have been refereeing soccer from Recreational level all the way up to U-20 international friendly matches. 


Currently I am a member of SRPBC, FHSAA, and USSF as a referee. I have had the opportunity to referee 2 State Championship matches for High School and many USSF state cup, commissioners cup, president cup, and many tournaments games. For the past 3 years I have been coaching the boys Varsity team for Wellington High School.